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Pre-History of Cognitive Science

The Pre-History of Cognitive Science Web is an annoted bibliography of models of human cognition from the Seventeenth through Nineteenth centuries. The list of authors represented is the result of ongoing research into early models of cognition, with a particular emphasis on those thinkers who sought to understand the relationship between the material world, our physical bodies, and abstract thought. Philosophies of mind that do not contain some reflection on or disscusion of the materiality of thought are not represented.

All entries in the bibliography are hyperlinked to each other according to a list of key terms. A link menu also provides access to the bibliography via an alphabetical listing of authors. The bibliography can also be accessed using the chronological and subject indexes. A list of references is also provided.

The Pre-History of Cognitive Sicence Web was built by Carl Stahmer when he was a graduate student in 1995 as one of his first forays into the world of humanities computing.  The site has been online and untouched since its inception (despite promises of forthcoming entries) and still receives several thousand hits a month.

Visit the Pre-History of Cognitive Science Web at www.carlstahmer.com/cogsci/.

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