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Computing hardware and software requirements

Each student must bring a computer (Mac, Linux, or Windows) to each seminar session. (I recommend a laptop, but more power to you if want to haul a workstation and multiple monitors to class every week!) It is important that you use the same computer throughout the course, as we will be setting up a special software environment at the beginning of the course and you will need this environment in order to participate in the practicums.

At our first class meeting we will build your development environment by installing the following software:

If you prefer for security reasons not to install the above software directly on your laptop, you may wish to install a Virtual Machine such as VirtualBox that will run all software in a protected environment. Note that a Virtual Machine requires it’s own, licensed operating system. As such, if you choose to run under a virtual machine you will need to have an additional, licensed version of your chosen OS available (via download or disk) for installation on the virtual machine. The Virtual Machine OS will be installed in class as part of the setup of your development environment.

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