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Course requirements

In order to receive a passing grade for the seminar, all students must participate in seminar practicums, complete several small assignments, and do one in-class presentation. Note that all assignments are non-programming in nature. We will spend a significant amount of time programming in the practicums, but successful completion of programming tasks is not an evaluative criteria for course completion.

All students must complete the following, non-programming assignments:

  • Identify an electronic textual corpus for use throughout the course—Ideally one that speaks to your own scholarly interests.
  • Have or maintain a Twitter account and make a minimum of three Digital Humanities related tweets over the course of the quarter.
  • Sign up as an Editor at Large for Digital Humanities Now and complete a minimum of one review cycle.
  • Test one Digital Humanities tool from the DH Toychest and present a review in class.
  • Write a 2-5 page prospectus for a digital project in your chosen field of study. Prospectuses will be distributed to other seminar participants during the last regularly scheduled class (December 1) and will be discussed as a group at an informal gathering during finals week (exact time, data, and place TBD).
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