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Home Digital Methods November 17: What is reading?

November 17: What is reading?

Practicum: Lexical Correlation and Lexical Variety
In-Class Presentations: Student 7 and Student 8

Description: This unit focuses on basic modes of machine textual “reading” by analyzing of the words on the page and their relationships to each other. We will learn to perform various modes of machine reading and also discuss their benefits and limitations.

Required Reading:

Source Reading:

Discussion Questions:

  • What would a non-biased algorithm look like?
  • What constitutes human reading? Does it happen outside of a context of scale? Or, is the scale simply hidden behind a longer temporal arc?
  • Do algorithms, in fact, offer a kind of non egocentric reading? One that is able to focus on patterns and causes that are beyond the influence of individual actors? Does this matter when reading texts, which are, of course, written by humans and, as such, already represent a reduction of fact an action to an already ego-centric view?
  • Does the fact that an increasing portion of cultural and critical output is digitally native affect the algorithmic reading function?
  • 5. Does posthuman evolution mark a shift or evolution in our relationship to ourselves? Is the posthuman different than or an extension of the cyborg?
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